Benefits Worth Working For

The state of Utah’s benefit team has designed benefits to enrich your life and provide peace of mind for you and your family. We take pride in knowing we offer competitive benefits including medical, dental, vision and support for mental/emotional wellbeing. We also offer resources for financial wellbeing and strive to offer the right benefits to help you achieve a positive work/life balance. The benefit package, coupled with your salary, make up your total compensation package.

Benefits vary based on type of employment, and benefit eligibility. Our benefits are grouped into three main categories: health and wellness, financial wellbeing, and voluntary benefits.

Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

Utah is focused on offering leading medical & health insurance to help you live healthy, balanced lives.

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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellbeing

Utah offers many tools and programs to help you make solid decisions now for you Financial well-being.

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Volunteer Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are offered to state employees who choose to participate in available options.

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